Justin Bieber’s Comeback


Credit: Instagram.com/justinbieber

Victoria Betancourt, Writer

In 2020, Justin Bieber is making a comeback in the music business after years of being gone. 

Bieber started off 2020 by releasing the first single off his album titled “Yummy.” He then released his second single featuring Kehlani called “Get Me.” More recently he released his third single featuring Quavo called “Intentions.”

He has also started to go on talk shows and perform at them occasionally. 

Bieber also has a YouTube original show titled “Seasons.” It takes you behind the making of the album plus what he was going through during his four year break from the music business. In the show he also explains why he decided to finally come back and how he currently feels.

After four years of waiting he released the name of his new album, “Changes,” coming out February 14. When he shared this news, he also shared the dates of his tour. Justin Bieber is coming to Miami during his Changes tour on Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

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