How To Diet Correctly During Lent

Giving up chocolate is one of the most common Lenten food sacrifices.

Giving up chocolate is one of the most common Lenten food sacrifices.

Sophia Rabelo, Writer

With Lenten season starting on Ash Wednesday and ending the 9th of April, many people often decide to give up different food for Lent. Those changes in how people eat might have a larger affect on someone’s diet.

One thing that all Catholics know is that you’re not supposed to eat meat on Ash Wednesday or on any of the Fridays during Lent. Even though there are some restrictions in Lent that doesn’t mean you have to stop your dieting. It shouldn’t be a hinderance for you to get to your goal. 

No meat on Fridays means you can’t eat chicken, steak, pork, or any other type of meat. However, this does not mean you have to cut protein out of your diet. In fact, you shouldn’t because to remove protein completely isn’t healthy. There are many alternatives to meat, such as eggs, fish, milk, grains, and nuts.

If those foods aren’t to your liking, there are many delicious vegetarian or vegan meals to try out this Lenten season. Some examples are tofu, veggie pizzz and quinoa salad. Some great meals to eat during Lent for your diet are ratatouille, egg whites, and vegetables are always a great thing to eat while dieting, whether it’s during lent or not.

Many people who already dieting will follow the common “Lenten give ups” like no chocolate, soda, cookies, cake, and sugar. Although you can’t have a juicy burger on your cheat day, the alternative is a delicious pasta. But being that it’s the Lenten season you should probably give up your cheat days since they are technically a bad habit.

As you’re making these small sacrifices, consider praying and keeping the focus on God. Also, whatever money you would’ve spent on that juicy burger each Friday, consider donating that money to a charity or good cause.