Debate Team Takes On Harvard


The ILS Debate club competed in Harvard recently.

Magdalena Bolinaga, Writer

The ILS Debate team spent Presidents Day weekend in Cambridge competing at the 46th Annual Harvard Invitational Debate Tournament.

The tournament has multiple events that focus on both speech and debate. The ILS team competed in one of the most challenging events which are called Public Forum and Lincoln-Douglas. 

Those competitions have hundreds of schools participating, which means they had to put a big amount of effort to prepare and compete. Some of the main topics discussed were Minimum Basic Income and Nuclear disarmament.

The debaters competed for six rounds and needed to be ready to argue each side of the topic. If they got against or for the topic, they had to know everything about what was being discussed.

The debate team has many big things coming their way as they continue to practice and compete in these high level competitions.

Last weekend sophomores Isa Trespalacios and Delia Sauer made it to the semifinal rounds at the district finals that took place in Ransom. Soon Iggy Gamero and Sophia Mena are getting ready to qualify for the national championship in Student Congress.

Due to debate, these students are learning important skills that prepare them for speaking in public, defending a point, and team work. Students also discuss big issues happening around the world. As Mr. Moya says, debate team leader, “Debate provides students with the opportunity to dive deep into the most important issues that our nation, and the world, are facing today.” 

The ILS community expects the debate team to have a bright future because of their hard work and dedication when they are competing.