Imperishable Food ideas!


Paola Rodriguez, Writer

During this quarantine time, everyone is bored and hungry. People don’t know what to do with their spare time and resort to eating. Instead of just having a simple granola bar, you should try making a meal for yourself, and/or family. 

Below are some things to keep in mind about the imperishable food sitting in your pantries. 

Not all canned goods are imperishable, which is why you should look for the “keep refrigerated” label on the can. If an item is only refrigerated, it is considered perishable and it will go bad faster than imperishable food. 

Canned beans are always a good option to have as a side dish. They don’t go bad fast, and can be eaten with other imperishable items, such as rice. Rice does not have to be stored in the refrigerator, and will last a long time- pasta as well. 

If you’re feeling more sweet, try baking brownies or a cake. Use brownie and cake mix boxes, which usually only requires you to add an egg or two and water. 

Flour, sugar, and spices do not go bad and can be used in many meals. 

Bread is perishable, although by putting the loaf in the freezer until using it, will save the bread and will restrict it to rotting. A good idea would be purchasing many loafs of bread, and freezing them until use.

For breakfast, having oatmeal, with a side of toast would be a great idea. Their are certain oatmeal brands that you can get, and will only require water to be added. For example, Quaker Oats, provides you with the oatmeal grains. All you have to do is cook it in water, and you’re set. For the toast, you can open a new loaf of bread that you previously froze, and have it as a side. 

For lunch, any canned options would be ideal. Grocery stores have all sorts of options for canned food- for example, Goya Vienna Sausages, are really good. You can make this with a side of yellow rice mixed with chopped corn. 

If you are craving a snack, granola bars would be pretty good. Smoothies are also very filling and are made in minutes. All you need is frozen fruit, milk, and some sugar. 

For dinner, pasta is your best bet. You can put anything as a side dish for pasta. Canned soups, or any other canned options are good to use. 

Hopefully the information above, along with the recipes helps you out during this quarantine time. ILS is praying for you and your families to be safe and healthy. Have a great spring break!