Being a Musician stuck at home


Alvaro Amat, Writer

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are being forced to stay home, for some jobs this make s it easier for them but not for other.

Being a musician and having to be stuck at home is probably one of the most annoying things. As a soloist, this can help for practicing and going over your repertoire alone. During this time you can also practice exercises, études, and other solo repertoire.

A few recommended studying tips are studying in a garden, studying in the morning, don’t have coffee a few hours before studying.

Mr. Armando Alicandu, one of the music teachers at ILS, is also a musician.

“For me, this time at home has been challenging but also both refreshing and musically invigorating,” Alicandu said. “I have had the opportunity to play music for my children at home more than ever before so that is a big plus!”

“As a professional, all my gigs have been cancelled,” Alicandu explained. “This has been challenging not only due to the lack of income from these gigs, but also the social interaction with other musicians in the music scene which have become my friends. I am combating this by inviting musicians to collaborate online!”

Practicing online with your musician friends, using FaceTime or Zoom, can help develop some of that ensemble chemistry.

It’s important to stay motivated as a musician. A few things you can do to stay motivated are:

1. Before practicing your regular repertoire sight reading a new pic piece everyday.

2. Have a planned schedule of practice time and rest.

3. Taking a few breaks.

4. Memorizing music in your free time.

“While yes, this extended time at home is perfect for in-depth practicing, I also encourage any musician who is stuck at home to have FUN,” Mr. Alicandu said. “Explore new playing music you wouldn’t normally explore, take risks in playing music that you wouldn’t normally take, find new things to work on.”

Alicandu also suggested to: “Actively listen to music.” And cautioned: “Don’t be distracted by electronics and just listen to what is going on, if you can manage to stay awake, you can also close your eyes to focus.”

Another thing you can do to try to study your ensemble pieces is play the music on a leaker and play as if you were in the orchestra.

During this time you can also try and experiment new composers and tastes of music. Composing is an entertaining thing, this can also help with learning music theory.

Music theory practice is being part of a musician and you can take time spot stying by practicing in Quizlet and or learning in YouTube. As time progress life will open up again and you can go back to practice with your friends.

Practicing is always key to learning in how to be a good musician and this time a can help you achieve that.