ILS Cheer Revamps Their Instagram


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

Cheerleading has been apart of La Salle for as long as anyone can remember. Recently, the ILS Varsity Cheer team has decided to revamp their Instagram for a fresh new look after recently becoming State Champions. 

The reason for this mostly is due to the fact that the team is currently on their off season and now has more time to post. 

“During our season we’re focused on our team and improving our game day and competition looks,” said Coach Coral Buxeda. 

Since they now have more time to create content, the team has been able to post more creative content such as challenges, Tik Toks, and much more.

Recently, the team posted a Tik Tok where you get to meet the team. Behind this idea was freshman Silvana Levito. The cheerleader got the idea from seeing teams do something similar on the app and she wanted the La Salle team to make their own version.

“My favorite part of creating it was having the memories of states back in my mind since we used our medals for transitions,” said Levito.

The team plans to try and continue this throughout their new season. However, their priority will still be their competition season. 

“During our season we’re focused on our sports team, like attending games and cheering them on, so being on our phones is not our priority. Our coaches try to post while we’re at games and competitions but their priority is the team,” said Buxeda. 

The team is extremely dedicated to their job and plan to continue their success onto next season while also having fun.

“We’re going to continue to highlight our success success through the season, as well as post about our competitions and all that,” said the coach when asked about what we could plan on seeing in the future on the social media platform. 

Make sure to check the ILS Varsity Cheer’s Instagram, @ilsvarsitycheer, to keep up with them during quarantine and throughout the school year!