Hobbies during Quarantine


Alvaro Amat, Writer

Because of quarantine, people have had to find new ways to entertain themselves in their own home. 

It has probably been harder on some people than other to find a new entertainment source. Some will watch television all day while others would go do sports.

Some of the ILS students and teacher have found entertaining hobbies, such as Margaret Coll, a 10th grader, has gone into painting, and bedazzling. 

She says “painting has is very therapeutic and has really helped me during quarantine to have fun and work on my patience.” 

Among other students some students have gone into baking, like Pablo Amat, an 11th grader. He said, “We have started to get into touch more with the kitchen and entertained ourselves to making food all the time” 

Another student has started a garden in which she plants all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Cecilia Harding has started a garden in her backyard and says “I ran out of things to do, and o wanted to be helpful, so I decided to simultaneously help the Pakistan and my family, thus my garden was born.”

It is very important the we find a way to entertain ourselves because we do not know how long we are going to be confined to our homes. Starting a new hobby is going to make you.