Containment Netflix Show

Containment is about a pandemic similar to ours

Containment Netflix Show

Ryan Desalle, Writer

With the modern day pandemic surrounding our lives at this very moment, we are offered many amazing tv shows to get us through these hard times. Containment a netflix show which is about an virus that takes over a whole city is good to start with.

The virus in containment is similar to the one we are facing today besides the virus has a mortality rate of 100%. The deadly virus in containment began by spreading in Atlanta, where they end of closing the whole city and quarantining the specific section where it has spread.

People who are trapped inside the zone cannot leave for a period of 2 days , because the virus only takes 48 hours to destroy its host. Things go wrong and the virus has spread far to much in the city and the government has no other option but to leave the people in the quarantine.

The show has a very thrilling story line , leaving us all at the edge of our seats. In the zone officer Jake Riley stays at the hospital where an elementary class along with the teacher who were just visiting the hospital are at. Jake Riley follows his duties along with 11 other cops to try and help the people as much as possible in the quarntine zone.

Officer Alex which is on charge of the zone because that’s his district , makes harsh decisions to do what’s best for his country during this quarantine time, his own girlfriend is trapped in the zone which creates a conflict of interest.

As the days progress and the virus gets worse Jake is trying to figure out his best plan to save the elementary school students and the teacher Ms. Katie.

The show ends with a cliff hanger but there’s no news for a season 2. The show is an all around thriller and drama, it’s has a lot of funny, sad, and thrilling moments during the show.