Student Grades During Quarantine


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

Students haven’t been back to school since March 13th due to virtual school. This has changed the way everyone learns and possibly can affect student grades.

Although classes are now being held online, teachers still find a way to teach and help their students. 

“I’ve recorded every single lecture and reading, and posted those for the students to go through in class. We’re using more discussion boards than actual discussions these days,” said Mr. Fernandez, when asked about the adjustments he’s had to make for his English classes. 

Even students have had to adjust to this. Whether it’s in the way assignments are done or time management, everyone at ILS has had to undergo some type of change.

“I feel like the teachers have adapted really well to virtual school and have tried to keep it as similar to how it was before as possible,” said Junior Sofi Farres, when asked about how things have changed in changed her classes.

All students have had an adjustment period to this, but are tending to do fine now.

“I’ve been doing about the same,” said Farres when asked about this. 

This quarantine has not only been difficult for teachers and students, but also administration and parents at home. Everyone has had to adjust during this time in one way or another. 

Even the school’s newspaper and tv production classes have had to adjust in order to provide content for the school.

“When the school had to close because of the coronavirus, the newspaper lost a lot of the content we cover. Journalists were removed from the community because the community got spread out. This has made brainstorming articles and securing interviews more difficult,” said Fernandez, when asked about how it’s affected the Royal Courier.

This caused the classes to become more creative, which isn’t seen has all that bad. 

“I prefer regular school a million times more because I learn a lot better where I can have direct contact with my teachers and friends,” said Farres when asked about virtual versus online school. 

Hang in there, ILS. The school year is almost over!