OuterBanks soundtrack review

The OuterBanks soundtrack is just as good as the show tiself


Ryan Desalle, Writer

With the release of the new teen drama show on Netflix , “Outer Banks” many people have fallen in love with not only the amazing show but the sound track as well.

The show consist of a “Goonies”-style teen love story based of the surfer vibes on the island Outer Banks. The show’s sound track is made up of a surfer rock playlist.

The main theme song of the show is called  “Left Hand Free” by Alt- J. It was made in 2014 and is classified as Alternative/Indie. The song is absolutely perfectly fit for the vibe of the tv show. The lyrics really connect with the show, but you’d have to watch the show to understand.

Another major song in the show is called “The W.A.N.D” by The Flaming Lips, which was released in 1999 and is also classified as Alternative/Indie.

The songs are mainly made of up beat songs or either slowed down relaxed chilled music. The up beat us for the adventure aspect of the show and the slowed down is for the beach vibe the teens give off and how they live there pouted lifestyle.

Another song featured in the show is “Populonia” by Mariel, released in 2019. It is also in the Alternative/Indie genre. “Populonia” is a relaxed song really made as a beach vibe.

Although the show is absolutely amazing, the music in the show really exaggerates how well this show really is and it gives it the full scale.

Many teenagers like myself can relate to this show and to the music by itself because it explains almost what every teenager really wants in life.