SGA Elections to be held Virtually


Don’t forget to vote!

Noor Andre, Editor

Student Government Association (SGA) elections will still taking place this year, but they are taking place virtually. Over 60 students are running for 32 positions. 

People running will be able to campaign virtually through emails, videos, and etc. The rest of the student body will be able to vote through a Google form. They will sign into this Google form using their own unique 100 number which will only  be able to be entered into the link once. 

Planning this virtual election has not been super challenging to SGA moderators, considering the fact that ILS already has a great digital/virtual infrastructure. It also helps that a lot of campaigning has taken place over email in previous years. 

Even though the candidates will be able to use email, they will be missing that personal connection in their campaigning. However, Mr. Suarez’s advice is to make sure your supporters actually participate in the voting. 

“Make sure your supporters vote! Since we aren’t on-campus, you won’t be able to encourage a lunch table to vote in person. So now, more than ever, encouraging turnout is critical,” said Mr. Suarez. 

Voting will take place on three separate days: 

  • The Executive Board will be elected on Tuesday, May 26th 
  • The class boards will be elected on Thursday, May 28th 
  • The class representatives will be elected Friday, May 29th 

The results for each election will be announced over email that same evening. All inductions including incoming freshmen will take place next September at our Back-to-School Mass.

Best of luck to all candidates and happy voting to the rest of the student body!