End of School Year Tips


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

With the end of the school year drawing near, many students are facing new issues everyday with school work and grading. Although we are ending it virtually and do not finals this year, there is still not an excuse to slack off.

Currently, assignments are being used to fill up the empty time we have for tests and finals. Therefore it would be a smart choice to put all your effort into them, especially if your teachers are now using them as test grades.

Clearly, the pandemic has quickly changed the way you gain knowledge. 

“We’ve lost some of the spontaneous conversation and brainstorming, but I think the class has become more efficient in its work,” said Mr. David Fernandez when asked about how his teaching has changed.

Although things have changed, it’s a good idea to focus on what you’ve already been doing. If something has been working for you, stick to it and don’t try to change it at the last second. 

However it can be good to make sure you’re doing what’s being asked of you. 

“My only advice would be to take a close look at what your teachers are asking for and expecting, and do those things. Maybe keep a calendar of due dates nearby so you know what to do when,” said Fernandez.

Sometimes it also might not be the course work that’s brining you down, but your motivation. Being stuck at home has a lot of the students lost in their own worlds, which really brings down the focus students have to class work and assignments.

“We only have a few classes left and then we’re done so we might as well finish strong after spending a whole year working hard,” said Junior, Sofi Farres when asked about advice for her peers. 

Enjoy the time you have left in class because it’s not much. Sooner or later you’ll be done with school so you have to make it count.

“It’s easy to stay isolated during a time like this so I think reaching out is important,” said Farres.

Finish strong, Royals. You got this.