Students Keeping In Touch During Lunch Calls


Victoria Betancourt, Writer

Now that school has started virtually, many students are missing seeing their friends in person and being able to speak with each other at lunch. In order to solve this, some students and their friends have started having daily lunch Zoom meetings. 

It’s very rare for a whole friend group to have the same lunch together, but for once everyone has the same lunch time. Many groups are taking advantage of this opportunity and eating lunch together on the daily. 

Usually one member of the group will start a zoom call. Other will join into the meeting and the host will except everyone. For those 30 minutes, everyone is together and talking while enjoying an early lunch. 

“My favorite part of these calls is being able to talk to my friends,” said junior Amy Lam when asked about her Zoom lunch meetings.

Although students are enjoying their Zoom calls together, they can’t wait to get back to campus again and be able to sit down at a lunch table together. 

“I prefer having lunch at La Salle because the lunch is better and I miss being with people in person,” said Lam. 

Clearly everyone is making the best out of the situation, but can’t wait to get back to campus and see everyone again. 

Happy Zooming!