ILS to Host ACT for Seniors on October 20th


Noor Andre, Editor

Seniors save the date for October 20th when the ACT will he administered here at ILS!

Colleges may be aware of the fact that students have not been able to take  standardized tests which is why many have gone test optional for admissions this year.

However, many of us are still stressed and frustrated with test cancellations. Fortunately, ILS will be giving an ACT to all seniors here at ILS on October 20th.

“We understand that many of you are concerned about testing and your college applications,” said Ms. Marcela Aguilar, Director of Guidance and Counseling at ILS, in an email to seniors. “Please be assured that we understand your worries and frustrations with test cancellations. Please know that colleges are well aware of what is happening and the fact that students have not been able to take standardized tests.”

Ms. Aguilar went on to explain that most schools are going test optional for admissions this year. They will not be requiring standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) for admission purposes. They will focus, instead, on other factors such as grades, classes, letters of recommendation and the ever-important college essay, which many seniors are working on in their English classes.

Ms. Hoyos will be visiting classes this month to talk about the college application process. Next week, a meeting will take place with all the admissions directors of all the Florida schools and all the most up to date and accurate information will be shared with you.

Good luck and stress less!