An Introduction to the Drama Club: The Heart of ILS Theatre


ILS Drama’s production of “Hello, Dolly!” played before sold out crowds on Friday and Saturday.

Eliza Lee, Writer

The Drama Club is one of the most unique and creative outlets for students at ILS. With lively meetings and unforgettable performances, the Drama Club provides ILS students with an opportunity to show off their creative minds, acting chops and so much more.

The ILS Drama Club is “an organization on campus which presents multiple stage productions (both on the Main Stage and in smaller venues), participates in Dramatic competitions through Florida Thespians, uses creative performances to raise funds for the community, and hosts a themed Drama Banquet each year,” describes club moderator and director of the Drama Club productions, Ms. Rodriguez.

The club meets monthly to discuss events, come together, and even fundraise (Showbie Code: PCK4Y).

This year, albeit different, will continue to produce events and activities for the student body to watch and even participate in. One such event is the Escape Room, which will be going virtual this year!

“Students can receive service hours (up to 5) for planning, setting up and performing during Escape Room sessions. Our escape room will most likely be a Virtual Escape Room this year. There will be performance and tech opportunities for this new style of production,” says Ms, Rodriguez.

Amy Lam, Drama Service Coordinator, will choose a charity in which a part of the proceeds will go to in order to upkeep the Salesian spirit through the Club. 

Recently announced, this semester will be showcasing a Virtual Shakespeare performance, the specific piece still undecided. But, Ms. Rodriguez said, “the show must go on(line)!” Audition dates to be announced.

There is still hope for an in-person musical during the Spring…Cinderella! Auditions also to be announced. Last year’s production of “Hello, Dolly!” remains one of the best shows in recent history for the Drama Club.

The Drama Club aims to unite its members through the art, and has displayed conviction to do so despite the current situation. This club is a good fit for anyone who wants to be part of the ILS arts family and would like to come out of their shell. The experiences with this club are unforgettable, and are sure to last through the coming years.