Hybrid Hacks for ILS Students


Pokémon clear backpack via Yohance Forde

Arianne Cendon-Ruisanchez, Editor

On the week of Monday, September 28th, 2020, Immaculata-La Salle High School students began transitioning back to in person classes on campus via hybrid mode.

In the hybrid model, students have been attending school twice a week depending on their assigned color. Students were split into green and yellow schedules to maintain safe social distancing guidelines. They all learn virtually on Wednesday to facilitate the split between students.

Senior Isabella Machado has many tips to offer the students who are attending school via hybrid mode.

“To make hybrid easier, I have been super on top of my schedule. While I’m at home, I’m always on time for my virtual classes to allow the block to begin smoothly. I use the MyHomework app to keep track of the days I have to attend class in person so that I don’t get confused,” said Machado.

It is important to keep battery in mind, seeing that students still have to log on to Zoom through their iPad for selective classes. Buying a portable charger can ensure that you have enough battery to last for the whole day! It can be tedious to run out of battery and not be able to charge it, or be out of battery by the time you get home.

iPads are essential for learning in our school, so taking care of them is always in your best interest! Managing the organization of its applications is all for your own benefit.

Senior Valeria Pinzon recommends students to keep their electronics organized to facilitate the transition.

“At school, I bring healthy snacks and a big water bottle so that I don’t have to leave the classroom often to refill it, especially now that only one person can go at a time. I also keep a safe distance from everyone, even when I see my friends. I am very organized with my iPad now that we are doing both virtual and physical school. It’s super important to keep Notability and Showbie constantly updated and organized. I even have folders on Google Drive to make sure I’m on top of it all,” said Pinzon.

Bringing healthy snacks can ease your hunger as you wait for lunch, especially now that students are not able to access the vending machines on campus. These snacks can not only satisfy your hunger, but strengthen your immune system as well, so pick wisely!

It is a good idea to make the best out of the situation that we’re in. Purchasing a clear backpack with designs to your liking enhances both your safety and your day. Clear backpacks are easier to wipe down, so having one to fit your own preference means you’ll be wiping down in style.

Through healthy snacks, big water bottles, portable chargers, organizing your apps, and purchasing a clear backpack you like are all ways to make hybrid mode a little bit more tolerable.