Service Hours Opportunity: Environmental Clean-Up


Sunrise view of ILS Bay

Victoria Betancourt, Writer

From September 19 to November 1, Ocean Conservatory and is hosting an Environmental Clean-Up. 

Instead of the usual one day, big group clean up, they are splitting it up into different areas on different days due to COVID-19. Therefore, your clean-up area depends on where you register. 

However, you can participate in this service opportunity in two ways: by doing your clean-up or joining a group. 

This opportunity is opened to all ILS students who would like to participate in this. In order to receive participation credit in this, students have to submit participation credit documents to MobileServe. 

If interested, click here for the registration link.

Usually the Environmental Club at ILS would host a bay clean-up, but this currently can not occur due to the pandemic. 

“Our clean-ups, campus forest, and our vegetable garden that we would like to have going this year are all things that we can do to get together and do something practical that can help us feel like we are solving some environmental problems in a local way,” said Dr. Shaw, the Environmental Club moderator. 

Hopefully, all these service opportunities by the Environmental Club can happen soon. 

Remember to always check your emails for more service hours opportunities sent by Mrs. Beltran!