Spotify’s New App Feature


Camilla Diez, Editor

On September 24, Spotify launched a new feature called “Listen Alike,” where you can compare your music takes with those of artists. Spotify introduced this new feature that allows you to see how much your musical tastes are similar to your favorite celebrities and influencers. 

The list of celebrities and influencers is yet to be updated, but slowly many artists are being added to the list.

In order to compare your music taste and find  who you match with the most, go to the “Listen Alike” Spotify website. Tap of the celebrity or influencers you want to compare to and the tap the “Make a Connection” button. Then, Spotify will calculate everything and give you a percentage of how close you match to an artist.

“I think this new feature is interesting because I am able to see if I match my favorite artists. I’m really exited to try it out and see who I match with,” said senior Isabella Guardazzi.

In order to access this feature, users have to log into their Spotify account. This feature is for both free and premium users and works on any device.

This new feature is still being updated frequently as it is new, but soon enough everything should be running smoothly.