Girl’s Basketball Team Hoping to Make a Comeback This Season

The girl’s basketball team are being pushed to their limits this year.


Victoria Sosadias, Writer

The girl’s basketball team had a rough season last year, ending it with an 8-14 record. They were a young team, with only one senior who didn’t play very often and several freshmen who were key role players. This year, however, the Lady Royal Lions basketball team is hoping to bounce-back, and Coach Danny Arguello isn’t going to go easy on them.

“I always push my kids to new limits. The best way to describe how I view development is that I’m not coaching you for who you are now, I am coaching you as the person I feel you could be,” said Coach Arguello.

This season, seniors Camila Corvalan and Ana Sol helped build up the rest of the team to what it is now, bringing good sportsmanship and technique to the table. Both Corvalan and Sol have been part of the ILS girls basketball team since their freshman year and both have been productive starters throughout their career.

“Last year’s season, we had a great group of girls with a lot of potential that have come back this year,” said Corvalan. “There were major improvements from many of the freshmen and I’m excited to see them and everyone else be even better for this season. The team is currently conditioning and we’re slowly getting back in the gym and grinding hard for the season.”

The team also had two star freshman, twins Mary and Cary Scheuerle, who both played with energy and effort in every game. Mary Scheuerle led the team in scoring last season, averaging 9.9 points-per-game. She also led the team in rebounding, securing 9.8 rebounds-per-game. Corvalan was the team’s second-leading scorer, putting in 8.0 points-per-game. She led the team in assists, averaging 3.1 assists-per-game.

“I’m more confident in how the upcoming year will treat my team because I  believe we all have so much potential and have our own qualities that help unite us. Despite last year’s season, I am so confident this team will be stronger then ever,” said Ana Sol, who averaged 5.9 points-per-game as a junior.

Coach Arguello is currently getting the girls back in shape, and once they start the season, he’ll be pushing them to do their best. Under the given conditions, Slim is working the girls harder than ever, making them better players on and off the court.

Tryouts will be held October 28th, and until then, Coach Arguello is working the girls hard so they’re prepared for the season that lies ahead. Anyone interested in joining the ILS girls basketball team can email: