Homecoming Week Schedule: Socially Distant and Full of Spirit


Junior Sabrina Fernandez celebrates her class’s victory at Color Wars.

Lauren Fernández, Writer

Homecoming Week at ILS will carry with it the famous Royal Lion spirit, enthusiasm, and annual traditions, just now with social distancing and modifications. SGA members from each grade have prepared a Homecoming Week schedule that is full of fun and bound to impress.  

Media Day Monday

Students will dress in green and gold and receive bonus points if they dress according to the theme (music genres). Freshmen will decorate the cafeteria, their music genre will play during lunch, and each class will submit TikToks based on their class theme and the best in the class and school will be voted on. 

Color Wars Tuesday

Each class will dress in their class color, the sophomores will decorate the cafeteria and their genre will be played in lunch, followed by LTV games. Students who are virtual will use their “color kit” at home to tie dye the homecoming shirt and represent their class color, while students on campus will have a socially distant color war around the track.  

Theme and Skit Wednesday

Wednesday is a Day 3 with F Block at the end of the day. Students will dress up according to their grade’s theme, and will be awarded points for “dressing out” during F Block. They will watch all four skits and judges will announce the winner on Friday. 

Royal Thursday

Everyone is encouraged to dress in green and gold. Juniors will decorate the cafeteria and play their genre during lunch, followed by a virtual pep-rally via LTV. Students will receive information regarding how they can participate in classic pep rally activities at home!

Color Wars (Part 2) Friday

All students will wear their tie dyed homecoming shirt. Seniors will decorate the cafeteria and play their genre during lunch. Another socially distant color war will take place on the track with cameras to broadcasts the event. LTV will announce points and winners from every class. 

More information about Homecoming will come soon, via video presentations from the different class boards. Any questions about Homecoming can be directed to class board or SGA members, as well as class moderators.