‘My Octopus Teacher’ Review


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

Netflix’s new documentary ‘My Octopus Teacher’ is a love story that will make you fall in love with octopuses.

The film starts with a South African man and he’s a documentarian he has a midlife crisis and decides to quit his job and take a break. He moves aback to the beach house he grew up with his family in South Africa.

He then decides to free dive everyday and he starts documenting the things he sees. One day he spots an octopus and he builds an obsession with the octopus and goes to the same cove everyday for 350 days.

Initially, the octopus is frightened and then they start to develop a friendship to the point that the octopus will throw out its tentacle arm and wrap it around his finger to say hello or the octopus would come and land on his chest and greet him.

In the documentary, they mention that an octopus is as smart as a dog, which to me is insane. I would never think that such a creature can be so smart.

This documentary is simply amazing and emotional. I even cried. During the movie, I vowed to never eat octopus again.

Senior Alessandra Fernandez thinks this is one of the best documentaries Netflix has.

“If you’re a lover of nature like I am watch this film even before the octopus story is introduced the moment he described underwater I was already crying,” said Fernandez.

Senior Andrea Vasquez says that if you love animals and have a special connection with them you will understand the man.

“I love animals especially dogs and I truly do have a connection with my dog that I won’t ever have with a person sometimes I think to myself is it possible to love animals more than humans and to me the answer is yes. After watching this documentary I want to travel to all oceans and find myself an octopus friend,” said Vasquez.

If you love animals and nature, I would advise you to watch this documentary you won’t regret it.