Cast Of Twelfth Night Has A Weekend Rehearsal


Seniors Alma Pichardo and Sophia Rabelo rehearsing

Sophia Rabelo, Writer

This past Sunday December 6th, the cast of drama club’s last production, Twelfth Night, has one of its last rehearsals (not including tech week) on campus.

The rehearsal ran from 10 am in the morning to 2 pm in the afternoon. They took place outside behind the cafeteria, this is also where they would soon film the show. Due to COVID-19, everyone was required to be wearing masks and practice social distancing the whole day.

The purpose of the weekend rehearsal was to run scenes over and over again till they were as close to perfect as can be. Many students of the show were practically begging for a weekend rehearsal, as most of them hadn’t been called to the pervious on campus rehearsals. 

While zoom has been a wonderful tool for the drama club to use to stay safe while rehearsing, the Sunday rehearsal really aided them with the logistical side of the show. 

For example, just the simple aspect of blocking, where you and your scene partner stand in a scene, is difficult to translate on zoom and works better in person. 

Tech was also invited to the rehearsals, to start working to the technical aspects of the show. Like, props, set pieces, costumes, etc. They were also in encouraged to watch and pay attention to the runs of the show so they could practice there cues. 

When they actors weren’t on stage or in a scene they were told to practice their lines and to memorize. Also many of the actors were called to try on their costumes for the first time.

“Putting on my costume for the first time made me feel like the show was starting to really come together,” junior Cecilia Harding said.

During this week, the cast will be at school everyday after school perfecting the show. This will continue till Thursday and Friday, which will be the days of filming the actual show.