New Years Eve Countdown


Camilla Diez, Editor

 To ring in the new year, the yearly event in Times Square, New York took place as many awaited the ball to drop. 

Every year a New Years Eve Concert takes place in Times Square, but this year it was a bit different due to the pandemic. With no crowd around, the show still went on having many cameras rolling to show viewers at home. 

“ This concert has always played on my tv and I feel like it’s no different having a crowd then on tv because that’s how many of us are used to watching it,” said senior Carla Valdano.

This event started at 6pm and went on till 12:15 am. While awaiting for the new year, many well known artists sang such as Miami’s own Pitbull, along with Anitta and Jennifer Lopez. 

Then, the countdown begins and once over the ball drops 70 feet in sixty seconds. The lights on the New Year’s Eve Ball are turned off as the numbers of the New Year “2021” shine high above Times Square.

“It’s a tradition at home to have the tv on till the countdown is done,” said senior Isabella Guardazzi. 

Those who live in buildings in Times Square proceed to throw confetti from their rooftops. This confetti is filled with wishes for peace, love, good health and a better future in the new year.

This concert was live streaming for everyone across the United States. This is a great event to ring in the New Year with loved ones around you.