New Hit Song “Driver’s License” Now No.1


Camilla Diez, Editor

Olivia Rodrigo’s new song “Driver’s License,” which was released on January 8th, is now trending worldwide. Rodrigo, 17, came out with the new single on all platforms.

In a Tiktok, Rodrigo announced that she was inspired to write this song after getting her license six months ago.  The song tells a story of a young girl who just got her license and drives around while crying due to a past lover. “Driver’s License”, which she didn’t know would get that much attention, is now trending world wide.

But, this is because there is a hidden message behind this song.

Three days after the release on Spotify, this song hit the most streams in a day for a non-holiday song.

“This song became famous because of the platform Tiktok and allowed people to reveal the hidden message,” said senior Isabella Guardazzi. “Now it’s trending everywhere and is the number one song being played today,” she added.

This new single has caught the attention of millions of Tiktok viewers, as well as Taylor Swift. Tiktok users are now using the platform to sing along, make parodies and create their own spin-offs of “Driver’s License.”

“I feel like this song is about a love triangle and is now known as a heartbreak anthem to many,” said Guardazzi.

There are many speculations that Rodrigo wrote this song about Joshua Bassett. It has said to be that Rodrigo and Bassett couldn’t be together due to age. Bassett taught her how to drive and told her that he would wait till she was older but he moved on to a new girl.

Neither of them have commented on the speculations. But, Rodrigo has said that she is happy the song did well because she was able to turn this really painful moment in her life into something beautiful that could potentially help us going through a heartbreak.