“Disenchantment” Season 3 Review


Lia Sarria, Writer

Netflix’s original animated series Disenchantment came out with its long awaited season three on January 15.  

Disenchantment’s story takes place in a fantasy medieval kingdom “Dreamland” and tells the story of Princess Tiabeanie “Bean” and her friends Elfo and Luci. Throughout the story they encounter many adventures while keeping up with the  comedic side of the show.

Throughout season three, Bean continues to deal with the troubles of being the princess to a dysfunctional kingdom and having a mother who only believes she is alive to fulfill a prophecy. 

With only 10 episodes, Disenchantment was able to give fans everything they hoped for in terms of the adventures Bean, Elfo, and Luci go on.

Something many fans agree throughout the season is the change of setting. There are many new places we get finally see, along with new characters. There is a lot of character development that most fans weren’t expecting from all the characters in the new season.

Senior Charlize Ramos believes that Disenchantment is one of the funniest cartoons she has seen in a very long time and has something that everyone can enjoy.

Although the entire season three is very easy to understand, the last episode took a quick turn of events leaving Princess Bean in the biggest adventure she will have to face. 

With the directors and writers leaving the last episode in such a major cliffhanger season four is anticipated to hold many answers that so many fans are dying to know.