Some Seniors Set to Return to Campus Four Days a Week


The class of 2021 gathered as a whole on Don Bosco Day for the first time since March 2020.

Lauren Fernández, Writer

Beginning next week Tuesday, February 16, some seniors will attend school four days a week instead of only on the days of their respective cohorts.

A survey was sent to parents of seniors that were already attending school twice a week asking if they would send their child to school an additional two days a week (every day except Wednesday). This option is not available to students current in the virtual-only cohort. 

On February 3, Sister Kim sent an email to the senior students and parents that indicated they would like to increase the amount of days on campus. The email was brief, and included information detailing classroom accommodations already in the works and a stern message to seniors regarding Covid safety. 

Sister wrote: “[i]f at anytime it comes to our attention that seniors are putting themselves in at-risk situations outside of school, they will be moved back immediately to their original schedule.” 

Seniors and their parents were reminded of the fact that this is a privilege and can be taken away if students aren’t doing their part to keep the school community safe. Seniors, and everyone really, need to avoid at-risk situations outside of school.

“We take this very seriously and it is nonnegotiable,” noted Sister Kim in the email.

Grades 9-11 will still be allowed to go to in-person classes, but only on the days assigned to their cohort. In addition, the seniors that have been virtual all year will remain as such. 

The class of 2021 hasn’t had the most ideal senior year, but privileges like this make it so much better. Hang in there, seniors!