White House Honors COVID victims


Lia Sarria, Writer

Unfortunately, during this devastating pandemic many lives have been lost. In honor of them, President Joe Biden held a memorial recently at the White House.

The South Portico region of the White House was covered in 500 candles honoring those who have past while Biden, First Lady Jill Biden, Kamala Harris and Dough Emhoff stood at the front. 

The Marine Coros band played “Amazing Grace” which was followed by a moment of silence for the deceased. Before the ceremony Biden said a few words to those who had lost a friend or family member.

One thing Biden said that really stuck with everyone was “I know all too well, that black hole in your chest. You feel like you being sucked into it. The survivors remorse. The anger. The questions of faith in your soul.”

Biden is hoping Americans will acknowledge the great loss that our country has been through this past year even though it can bring some plain.

This pandemic has gone on long enough which has made people become numb to the numbers of deaths which Biden is extremely against and believes should be called out. Acknowledging the deaths will show the people that this virus is not a joke and is deadly. This will hopefully encourage people to start being more careful and follow the protocols that are given.

Biden also said “We have to resist viewing each life as a statistic or a blur.”

Each life lost is special and deserves to be remembered as someone who was important not just a number.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease specialist, believes that Americans will still need to wear mask during 2022 on order to protect ourselves from the virus.

Biden’s message to all Americans was greatly executed while also showing his deepest regards for the people who have been affected by this terrible virus.