Upcoming Senior Retreat


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

This upcoming Saturday, March 27th seniors that signed up will have their last retreat at ILS.

The drop-off will be at the cafeteria and it will be from 2:30pm to 7:30pm. Unfortunately due to COVID only 60 seniors will be able to participate.

Due to COVID-19 seniors weren’t able to spend that much time together this school year but thanks to a lot of planning ILS is able to provide this last retreat for seniors to enjoy with their classmates.

Mr. Shaheen of the theology department encourages seniors to participate in this retreat since it’s the last one the senior class will be able to attend.

“I actually talked to my class about this today if people want to gain holiness they need to get closer to God so giving people opportunities to do that in a retreat setting and stuff like that during COVID is rare and I think that they should seize the opportunity to do that cause they’re seniors and they’re gonna leave so this is their last opportunity to experience a La Salle retreat,” said Mr. Shaheen.

Students and teachers will practice social distancing, be with a mask on, constantly clean everything and follow all the protocols the school follows to keep everyone safe.

Mr. Shaheen also thinks this retreat will bring the senior class more united since in the past retreats like ETC, cornerstone and ignite people were brought together.

“I think the retreat will bring the class more united this is really the only opportunity they have to have a retreat like setting I think that they’re going to be able to experience things that they’ve experienced in the past with things like ETC, ignite, and cornerstone. And the results of those normally are coming together as a community coming together as a group and I think that this is gonna be another chance for them to experience that community and their faith coming together,” he said.

Hopefully seniors enjoy and have fun in this last retreat at ILS and keep the great memories they make!