ILS Gathered Outside and In Spirit to Celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation Mass


Lauren Fernández, Writer

On Thursday, March 25, ILS celebrated the Feast of the Annunciation with an outdoor Mass. Unlike other school Masses this year, students from all grades were present. 

The service began with a prayer dedication to the victims of the recent Colorado shootings and their families. Sister Kim reminded students that what they say to each other matters, their social media presence matters, and to remember that people might be going through really troubling times in silence and alone. 

Father Jesus introduced the Mass by noting that March 25 marks exactly nine months before baby Jesus’ birth date, hence when the Angel Gabriel told the Virgin Mary she was going to be the mother of the Lord. The Gospel, Homily, and songs reflected the theme of the Annunciation too. In typical ILS fashion, students and teachers joined in song, occasionally clapping to the beat. 

Elements of a traditional Mass such as the Our Father prayer and offering of peace were conducted differently in order to abide by safe Covid guidelines. Hands were not physically joined, and ‘besitos’ and hugs were replaced by peace signs from a distance. Despite the changes, the message and gestures were received fully in spirit and thought. 

The liveliness of the school gathering in communion was so refreshing, especially for many seniors who are taking every opportunity to spend the last few months of high school together.

Senior Andres Marquez reflected on the Mass and said, “yesterday’s Mass was quite relaxing. I felt as if I was truly connected to God’s creation.” 

Despite being outside and six feet apart, the energy and engaging nature of the service allowed students, faculty, and their faiths to feel closer than ever. The Feast of the Annunciation Mass served as a much needed celebration of faith and moment of reflection for the ILS community.