ILS Drama Club Keeping Busy


Sophia Rabelo, Writer

Over the past month, ILS’s drama club has had multiple meeting discussing future plans and event for the club and school. 

Drama club had an official meeting on March 23rd but has since then had multiple executive board meetings as well. These meetings have been to discuss the main two upcoming events for drama club, Cinderella (this year’s musical) and their annual escape room. 

The cast of “Cinderella” has reached the point in their rehearsal process where they need to start assigning roles and incorporate tech into the show. This meeting helped members of the club who were interested in these jobs sign up for tech.

To sign up, which is welcomed to all ILS students, students need to go to the Showbie folder labeled “Tech Jobs-Cinderella.” This folder is only accessible through the drama club Showbie code, which students can email Mrs. Rodriguez for if they are interested ( 

The other main event the drama club has planned is their annual Escape Room. Due to the COVID, the Escape Room this year will be completely virtual. 

The drama club has discussed many plans of how to make a Virtual Escape Room work. They plan to use puzzles, break out rooms, and other surprises that students will just have to see their selves. The Escape Room will also feature actors in a pre-recorded skit to help students move along in the rooms and puzzles. 

The drama club encourages all students to consider to participate as an actor and can email senior Amy Lam if they have any questions. 

Many of the members of the club are excited to start showing the chocolate what they have been working on over the past month. Senior Alma Pichardo says:

“The whole cast and crew of ‘Cinderella’ has worked really hard and we’re really excited that the show is starting to come together. We’re really excited for tech to join us because it means we are that much closer to performing the show.”