Top 7 Most Powerful MCU Villains

Top 7 Most Powerful MCU Villains

Lia Sarria, Writer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is based off a series of comic books written by Stan Lee that soon turned into a move franchise.

These movies were put out into four phases that starts with Iron Man. Behind every good super hero movie is a good villain. Villains are a crucial part of every movie.

They are what motivate people to be good and be the best version of themselves. 

Imagine if The Avengers never had an alien attack on New York City, they would have never come together. What if Dr.Doom never used his powers for evil, the fantastic four would have gone their separate ways.

No matter what genre there is always a villain. Even if the villain is not a living thing, it sometimes can be a threat in someone’s life. In the end villains are what make the movie what it is.

Here are the top 7 marvel villains ranked from strongest to weakest:

1. Dormammu 

Although Dormammu is only physically shown for a short amount of time in the movie “Doctor Strange”, he is by far an extremely powerful being. He rules his own dark dimension and no one knows the how powerful he truly is. Doctor Strange was able to defeat him but not in any physical way. He had to outsmart him because there was no possible way he could defeat him in a true fight.

2. Thanos 

To start off, Thanos beat the avengers and made half the universe disappear with just a snap of his fingers. He had an obsession with “perfecting each world he came across by decimating half the population to make sure they don’t use all of its natural resources. He is a mad titan that will stop at nothing to fulfill that goal.

3. Ultron 

Ultron was created by Banner (The Hulk) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) to help eliminate any threats that could harm earth. Ultron having part of the mind stone in him soon became to powerful and began to create his own plans. He created this idea in his head that earth would only be safe by destroying all of humanity for a fresh start. After a long battle The Avengers with some help were able to stop him.

4. Hela 

Hela is Odin’s (King of Asgard) first born, who helped him in achieving the conquest of ruling the nine realms. She became extremely power hungry being the Goddess of Death and was locked away by her father. She killed off most of the Valkyrie (warriors of Asgard) but still resulted in her being locked away till Odin died. That is when she tried to take power again, but was defeated by her brother Thor.

5. Loki 

Loki is Odin’s adopted son and the God of Mischief. Never feeling truly loved or accepted by Odin is what created such a villainous side in him. His first battle would be with Thor on who would rule Asgard, but when that didn’t work out he teamed up with Thanos in stealing the tesseract. Loki was a huge threat to the heroes in the MCU but also a great help to Thor at moments.

6. Ego 

Ego is a celestial being who is as old as the first cell ever created. He is the father of Peter Quill (leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy). He has many different types of powers that include matter and energy manipulation but is stopped by the Guardians of the Galaxy when he tries to use Peter as another energy source in making him more powerful.

7. Ronan the Accuser  

Ronan is an alien that is part of the Kree species. His home made peace with the enemy empire, but he was not satisfied. He became a radical who would not stop till the Xandar empire was destroyed. With the help of the power stone he almost fulfilled his dream but was stopped by the Guardians of the Galaxy, Xandarian Military, and a group of Ravagers.

This list can go on and on but these are the top seven strongest marvel movie villains. Any super hero should fear all of them and would definitely have a tough time defeating them.

Only the best of the best can stand a chance against these antagonist.

We can all thank Stan Lee for creating such twisting and interesting stories and the directors for putting so much time into making these movies. Even after his passing we are still to be introduced to many more characters that may be stronger than all seven of these villains.