This Year’s ‘Inklings’ Magazine Coming Soon


Sophia Rabelo, Writer

This year’s annual edition of Inklings, Immaculata-La Salle’s literary and arts magazine, is set to be published electronically this week, with a hard copy set for release by graduation. This year’s edition, Volume XVI, follows last year’s “special edition” that was delayed by COVID but ultimately published with creative and heartfelt work.

Every year since 2004, with the help of teachers and students alike, the English and Fine Arts department publish an issue of an Inklings magazine. This magazine features a wide range of students work over the year, for all different English/Arts classes. Some of these classes involved in the magazine’s production include: Creative Writing I, II, & III, Digital Arts STEAM, 3D Animation, and Photography. From these classes students are able to produce work like poetry, fine and digital arts, narrative fiction and non-fiction, and photography. 

To help the students produce their work they were given access to applications, such as Clips, Garage Band, Pages, etc, to help aid them in their submissions.  

This year, English teacher, Mrs. Roman-Gonzalez helped over see the students who put the magazine together. The Creative Writing III students, Emma Rodriguez (Junior) and Alessandra Hernandez (Senior), served as editors for the magazine.

“It’s been a fantastic journey to work and contribute to this year’s literary magazine,” said Rodriguez. “Just getting to create and contribute to something that is going to be shared with the school community is very rewarding. Being a writer myself, it made me proud that I got to write something special for everyone to read.”

To help ease the work being submitted into this issue, Mrs. Roman used Padlet to accept submissions from teachers. This created a needed organization of the massive amount of works being piled together. 

When asking Mrs. Roman what her thoughts were on this year’s Inkling magazine she said:

“Readers will be able to not just enjoy narratives, different types of poetry and art but also listen to the authors’ recitals and background information. Creative writing students have been working hard pairing texts with illustrations in a creative way to provide both a digital and hard copy version of this year’s Inklings.”