Enchanted ILS: Disney Theme Class Skits


Ms. Giovanna

Some of the senior class girls dressed up as princesses in gowns and crowns performing in their Disney-themed class skit.

Laura Berry, Writer

Class Skit Day is the day of Homecoming Week when students from each grade get to show off all their hard work in preparing to perform their skits.

“All the grades practiced after school and on weekends. They put a lot of work into their skits,” said SGA moderator Mrs. Celina Sosa.

Students must sign up themselves to be part of the skits.

“Every year, I’ve always signed up for the class skit because it’s fun, and I love seeing all our hard work pay off in our performances,” said senior Caterina Serratore.

The class skits took place in the gym during F block October 28th. The skits were based on the Disney theme of Magic Kingdom. Students were decked out in princess dresses, cowboy hats, galaxy characters, pirates, and more, all contributing to their specific class theme. The judges this year were Mrs. Laura Moya, Mr. Patrick Shaheen, Mrs. Lianne Rodriguez, Mr. Armando Alicandu, and Mrs. Lianne Davila.

The judges judged the skits based on these four major criteria:




-School Spirit

The Freshman Skit:

The freshman were first in performing. They went with a Toy Story Homecoming theme. Basically, the students acted out as toys like in the movie. Some of the known characters were in the skit including Woody and “The Claw” aliens. Mr. Danilo Recinos, who was dressed as Sneaky Pete, showed up and took the football. The “toys” ran around to try and catch him.

Mr. Danilo Recinos appears in the sophomore skit to stealthe football. Oh no! (Ms. Giovanna Spencer)

The skit ended with Homecoming being saved when the ball was retrieved and the toys went back into positions. The judges smiled and seemed to enjoy the show.

“I thought it was cute and stuck to their theme,” said Mrs. Davila.

The Sophomore Skit:

The sophomores were next. They started their piece with the theme songs to Aladdin and Pirates of the Caribbean. A student dressed as the Genie appeared and the students danced to the iconic song from the film, “Friend Like Me.”

The sophomores performing their creative dance to “A Friend Like Me,” including Genie and a few pirates. Shiver me timbers!! (Ms. Giovanna Spencer)

The dance was choreographed by sophomore ILS dance members Isabella Yaruro and Andrea De Armas. Even one of judges, Mrs. Rodriguez, called out how great the dance was.

“They really set the bar high!” said senior class president Ignacio Gamero.

The Junior Skit:

The juniors were third to go. Their theme was based around time travel. Hosts Alessia Quiros and Karolina Campos started off their class skit in space costumes to settle into the year 2999 and went back in time through some of the iconic trends throughout the 2000’s including:

One direction’s “That’s What Makes You Beautiful,” performed by junior boys.

Selfies of juniors around campus.

J Lo’s iconic song “Jenny from the Block”

And the Mannequin Challenge

The skit ended with the continuation to the year 2099 by playing “Year 3000” by Busted as the students screamed, “Happy New Year!”

The junior boys “singing” their hearts out to all their one direction fan girls during their class skit. (Ms. Giovanna Spencer)

“I was part of One Direction and had a lot of fun lip-syncing to the song and dancing around,” said junior Nate Peterson.

The Senior Skit:

The last class to go was, you guessed it, the seniors. Choreographed by senior Kiara Alleti and Mr. Tim Gamwell, this skit captured the whole Disney theme on another level. They had a variety of Disney characters like princesses Elsa, played by senior Sofia Moreno- Bo and Snow White played by senior Helena Marquina. The skit started with a princess sleepover and then turned into a waltz when the football players came in as fairies!

“I had a fun time being fairies with my teammates. It was hilarious,” said senior football player James Brill.

Senior Isabella De La Rosa playing princess Belle in her yellow gown during the senior class skit. (Ms. Giovanna Spencer)

The quarrel started when Cinderella’s shoe was lost and all the different Disney characters came to battle for it including:

-other princesses






-and aliens!

All the students had a laugh when Mrs. Colette Varese came in as Mary Poppins with her famous shoe pass comment students hear all the time. There were also iconic Disney references like:

– Belle’s love for books

– Rapunzel’s frying pan

-Cinderella’s shoe

Then, finally, all the characters came together and resolved the conflict realizing that the shoe wasn’t so important after all, and they all lived Happily Ever After!

“The senior skit was probably the most memorable skit for sure. Really fun to watch and acting skills were on point,” said senior Gigi Hakim.

The Teacher skit?! Yep, that’s right, even the teachers participate in the skits, but they don’t take part in the competition; they go for entertainment purposes only! The faculty members performed an ILS style Haunted

The faculty showing off their spooky- Disney spirit in their haunted mansion ILS skit as ghosts. (Ms. Giovanna Spencer)

Mansion themed skit consisting of three different paths including:

-Blue Pass from the Madame Leota

-Gallery of ghosts; maids, brides, ghosts

-Zombies; played by students who kept saying, “We want extensions!” as a funny little reference to students here at ILS.

The Results:

Before they’re listed, let it be on record that ALL the class skits were absolutely wonderful. It was heartwarming to see such unity within respective classes. But, a competition is a competition, so without further ado,

-4th: The freshmen

-3rd: The sophomores ……

Now, it was time to see who was in first place. Juniors and Seniors both were on the edge of their seats. Who won?

“Seniors!” announced Mr. Shaheen, and the seniors on the bleachers went wild.

The seniors were on a streak after winning Color Wars and now skit day. Seniors ran into a large circle of excitement and cheering.

“I enjoyed all the skits because they were very creative and on theme. The dancing from the sophomores was terrific, the One Direction performance from the juniors was fun, and the freshman’s Wild West theme to Homecoming was creative. Even though I liked them all, my favorite was the Senior Skit. I thought the message it gave of being spirited and coming together really was the best performance and deserved the win. I’m very proud of everyone who participated in the skits.” Mr. Gamwell said it best!

Mr. Gamwell, being the spirited person he always is, showing up in a fun Disney look to support students in their skits. (Ms. Giovanna Spencer)

Happy Homecoming!