A Very Special Teacher Appreciation Week at ILS


Emma Rodriguez, Writer

      Teacher Appreciation Week at ILS is all about thanking our teachers in a special way for all the hard work and dedication in helping us learn and understand our lessons. This year though, was a special one as a group of seniors gifted a very special teacher a new pair of glasses.

     Mr. La Barrie lost his glasses chaperoning on the Grad Bash trip to Universal and hasn’t had a new pair since. This group of students thought it would be a nice surprise to get him a new pair of glasses. 

Coach Carmen Grosso and Ms. Diaset Cabrera from the Advancement Office enjoy a cafecito during Teacher Appreciation Week.

     Samantha Campos ’22 is the one who spearheaded this endeavor and sent a message to her fellow classmates to pitch in and get the economics teacher a new pair of glasses to show her appreciation. 

     That’s not all that happened this week. The school pitched in and had special treats for the teachers and staff every day of the week. One day it was gourmet crepes for lunch and cafecito for breakfast. The students of LTV also did a special segment and asked students what their favorite thing is about their teachers.

     I for one admire and appreciate each and every one of my teachers for their hard work and dedication for their work, especially through the tough times of the pandemic. I hope all of the teachers and staff felt loved and appreciated during this time.