Senior Sunrise Recap


Let the Homecoming festivities begin! #classof2020 #seniorsunrise #onlyatils

Magdalena Bolinaga, Writer

This Monday 21, 2019 the class of 2020 came together in the bay parking lot of ILS at 7am to watch the sunrise. This time-honored tradition is one of many the seniors get to experience. 

To start homecoming week, the seniors decided to gather in the morning and take pictures in their red outfits for Color Wars. Almost the entire class was present, which definitely showed unity among the students. 

Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Bay, this experience can be one of the most memorable for a senior class. And it’s not something many other high schools can boast about. 

The Seniors were excited to start homecoming week and it showed with them demonstrating the most school spirit possible. When talking to some seniors, they expressed their happiness for the Senior Sunrise going so well.

“I feel like the class, all came together super early in the morning and we were all united. We were taking pictures together and it was really fun and nice to just see everybody in the school spirit,” said Ella Perez, one of the seniors in attendance.

The experience is organized by the senior class board and the senior class moderators, Mrs. Milly Beltran and Mr. Luis de Prada. And even the teachers felt the great energy in the morning of the Senior sunrise. 

“It was a great commencement of the week filled with many smiles and positive energies coming from every single member of the Class of 2020!” said Mr. de Prada.

Senior Sunrise was definitely successful to the ILS community and also an exciting beginning to the Seniors last homecoming week.