Spotify Gives Away Free Google Homes

Alyssa Abril, Writer

Spotify announced this week that premium subscribers are eligible to receive a free Google Home Mini.  The offer is available until November 15 or till supplies last. 

This offer is only valid for those who are subscribed to either the individual plan or family plan for premium.

Here’s how to get your free Google Home Mini:

1.) First you have to go to and sign into your account. If you don’t have premium account then  you have to update your account and sign up for premium. If you just get premium and start with your first 3 months free then you have to forfeit those free first 3 months. 

2.) Once you finish setting up your premium account you will get an email with a receipt email. You will also get an email saying your Google Home Mini is now available. Open that email and click the link for the “get it now”.

3.) The link will take you to a page to link your google and Spotify accounts. Make sure you link the accounts and then you’ll be brought to the Google Store page.

4.)  When there you will be able to choose which color you want. They offer coral, charcoal, chalk, and aqua. Once you choose your color click “add to cart”.

5.) Lastly you will check out and give your address. Your promo will be added to the total and will include shipping. You will have to put in your card info but will not be charged.

Once you finish all those steps you will get an email with your receipt and confirmation. Then in around two weeks you will be able to enjoy your new free Google Home Mini. 

Spotify did a similar deal last year but offered it only to those who have the family plan. If you are currently using your 3-Month Free trial, you are not eligible for the free Google Home Mini. If you received one list year you are also not eligible.

Make sure to go get yours before supplies run out!