Treats No Tricks a sweet success


Treats No Tricks saw children from St James visit ILS for a fun day of candy and games.

Magdalena Bolinaga, Writer

On Thursday Oct 31, the seniors in the Social Justice class this semester organized a Halloween celebration for the kids from St. James Catholic school and it turned out to be a great success.

Treats No Tricks is a day where under privileged kids come to ILS to have a fun day by getting to trick or treat as they go from class to class, participate in various activities in the courtyard, and simply spend time with the ILS community. The event is a short one, lasting only two blocks C and D that day.

The event consisted of five different committees, which included decorations, treats, fundraising, dance, and sports. The 116 seniors were in charge of getting all the materials and activities together before the day of Halloween for the 174 kids.

This contribution was part of the Social Justice class led by Mr. De Prada. 

“My expectation is that Treats no Tricks allows for growth at the individual and communal levels so that everyone involved is encouraged to continue the same dynamic in the open social arena that surrounds us,” said Mr. de Prada.  

It was definitely a transformative event for the seniors and the children visiting the ILS campus. They all shared laughs and a good time with the kids who aren’t as fortunate to experience it everyday.

Treats No Tricks has been a tradition in ILS for many years and it shows how the community gives back to the children. It is safe to say that this event was success in the eyes of the ILS school and the children.