Creative Writing Class Bring Fantasy Characters to Life


One of the fantasy characters created by a student in Creative Writing.


In Mrs. Ana Roman-Gonzalez’s Creative Writing class this year, students are bringing some of their original fantasy characters to life. What does it take to go from a character sketch to a an audio and visual production of a fantasy plot?

During the first quarter of this school year, Creative Writing students completed a fantasy unit that included developing a fantasy character in a fantastical land. Towards the second part of the unit, students wrote a narrative with a plot that contained the major steps of the hero’s journey.
Their fantasy character became the protagonist of the narrative and came to life in a short film that integrated the text with audio and visual enhancements. This short video became the final product presented in class, showcasing the author’s voice as the narrator. Click the link below to view a sample of some of the best videos.

The Creative Writing class is responsible for Inklings, Immaculata-La Salle’s literary arts magazine. Inklings combines the work of the Creative Writing class, as well as the work from the Fine Arts department, including Art and Photography.

Creative Writing I, II, and III are one of the electives in the English department. Creative Writing I is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors to take.