New Coding App, Playground

The Playground icon.

The Playground icon.

Paola Rodriguez, Writer

December 9th to the 15th was Computer Science Education Week. ILS students were encouraged to participate in the “One Hour of Code” challenge, and one of the platforms used is a new coding app pushed to student iPads called “Playground.”

During a recent F block, students could participate in the Hour of Code challenge by going to the website: hourofcode.comAs Dr. Shaw explained via email, all coding levels, beginner to master, could find something to do on the site. They could create a dance party or build a Star Wars Galaxy with code. There so many options!

You will be amazed at what you can create with a little coding,” Dr. Shaw said in her email to students. 

The new Playground app gives you different courses that you can take whenever you want, and it gives you instructions and tips to use.

“Once you get a hang of it, it turns out to be pretty easy and simple. I was doing it in chemistry class and I actually learned a lot from just one lesson,” said junior Alexia Menéndez. 

The layout on Playground is simple and is very simple to understand. Teachers at ILS help out the students if there is any confusion. 

“I love the app. It’s a great way to pass the time when there is no work in class, and you also learn while having fun,” junior Sofia Farres. 

Students at ILS are encouraged to learn coding throughout their classes before winter break.

The new app is a great way to learn about more things and other schools have done this as well.