Healthy Lifestyle: Snack Edition

Lia Sarria, Writer

For some people having a snack is their favorite part of the day. But when people think “healthy,” they don’t think about snacks.

One way that most people stay healthy is by eating smaller portions for their meals, but that will leave you hungry so that’s where snacks come in. Snacking actually helps with your metabolism and helps maintain a steady blood sugar level.

There are many healthy snacks you can have at any time throughout your day.

The only rule with snacking is to obviously not over do it and never do it late at night. Make sure these snacks fill you, so it doesn’t lead you to just keep on snaking. 

One snack that is very popular is trail mix, which you can find at any grocery store and also bring to school.

A snack that most people don’t think of is air-popped popcorn. The reason this popcorn is healthy is because it is a whole-grain antioxidant snack that is low in calories.

This is a far healthier option than the popcorn you get at the movies, which is cooked in coconut oil that leaves it being 1,2000 calories and lots of saturated fat. 

If your just hanging out with your friends one tasty snack is Edamame. They are high in protein and also helps lower your cholesterol.

Your snacks can also be a rest like homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. 

If you ever want a little bit of an unhealthy snack make sure your meals are filled with vegetables, fruits, and protein so your missing anything. Also make sure your drinking plenty of water because some people mistake thirst for hunger.

Always keep a water bottle with you and drink plenty of water and if your still hungry after staying hydrated then you can take out one of your healthy snacks and enjoy them.