National Spring College Fair


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

Last Sunday, February 23rd, the National Spring College Fair took place in the Hilton by the airport from 12-4 pm.

There were over 180 colleges so it was a wonderful opportunity for students, especially juniors to see how many options they have.

Some of those colleges were University of Miami, Fashion Institute of Technology, The American college of Greece, Universidad europea de Madrid, and many others.

Students got the opportunity to learn about colleges that they haven’t heard of before and meet the person that is in charge of admissions.

“I met a lot of college admission guys. They told me about the schools and colleges. I got information on the ones Im planning on attending about GPA scores, essays and admission requirements and that’s about it,” said junior Nicolas Duque.

Some students were surprised by the amount of colleges that attended the fair.

“There’s a lot of colleges that I was interested in going to and seeing them helped me realize that there’s a lot more colleges than I noticed and I feel like seeing all these other colleges helped me realize that there’s more than one college that I could go to,” said junior Benjamin Cisternas.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know which college you want to attend and what career you want to be you should definitely attend the fair next year. It introduces you to new opportunities.