Boys Volleyball Season Underway


The boys warming up during their first game.

Noor Andre, Editor

The ILS Boys Volleyball season is well underway. Following a 6-9 season, the Royal Lions return six players to their young group. Seniors Cristian Rodriguez and Sebastian Pozo, as well as sophomore and juniors, including Jeronimo Canedo, Melvin Soto, Manel Lopez, and Gabriel Colmenares look to make the best of the season.

They boys have had a slow start to their season, but the players and especially the coach are hopeful for the future.

Team Captain Rodriguez is confident in his teams development.

“I’m confident that we can come together as a team and improve and get team chemistry,” Rodriguez said. He wants everyone to continue to practice, work hard, and ignore those who are doubting them.

It’s not the first time coach Danny Saladrigas is handed a young team, and he’s invested in the future.

“I believe we have a team that is going to get better with every game, they’re quick to learn and eager to improve. I always say that it is not the way you start, it’s the way you end the season,” said Saladrigas.

The team is made up of 12 dedicated boys. Seniors Cristian Rodriguez and Sebastian Pozo; juniors Alejandro Alvarez, Max Betancourt, Jeronimo Cañedo, Yohance Forde and Melvin Soto; and sophomores Gabriel Colmenares, Ignacio Gamero, Carlos Gomez, Manel Lopez and Lucas Oestreicher .

The boys have played three games and gave it their all. Although they have not entered the win column yet, they are keeping their hopes high and are hard working to come together as a team.

The Royal Lions host Florida Christian on Wednesday, March 14.