Time Management for virtual school

Virtual school may be a approaching us


Sebastian Wolfe and Ryan Desalle

As fear of the corona virus enters the Miami Dade community, schools will soon be forced to transfer to virtual school.

A drastic transition from going to school to doing all your work straight from home can either be a very exciting idea or a dreadful one. A big part of the negative downside of this change would be time management. Being able to complete a certain amount of work within each block can be very difficult. Each student will be required to be present in doing work starting at 7:45 just like a regular day ending at 2:30 or 2:20 if you’re a senior.

Instead of being able to finish work later on in the day, most of your work will most likely have to be completed within the blocks time frame. With a total of 7 blocks, we will have to be able to find a way to not get distracted and be on time virtually for each class.

Using alarms for each class is a very smart idea, this will help each student be present on time and ready to work.

Virtual school will work like how normal class works, just not direct instruction from your teacher.

With virtual school, time management becomes a lot more important for students. Since you won’t be in class, you’ll have to pace yourself as to what work you are going to do.

Try to remove any distractions you may have around you if you know that you can’t control yourself. This would include doing your work in a room with no television, not looking at your phone, or anything of that sort that can distract you from your work. Once you pick up your phone, it is hard to stop and put it down and get back on track.

If you have the opportunity if it is possible you should try to finish all your work as soon as possible. If you can do it early you should take advantage of the opportunity and get ahead you should take it.

Taking breaks also is harmful to you if you have problems with time management. If you don’t have that kind of self discipline it’s best to not take breaks because it is likely that a distraction will occur and you won’t want to go back to working.

It is very hard to admit you have a problem with time management but the best thing for you to do is admit that you need to be better in managing your time and setting restrictions for yourself.