Athletic Department Hosting Trick Shot Challenge

ILS Trick Shot Challenge submissions should be emailed to


Thanks to the Coronavirus, students and faculty are staying home these days and continuing the school year via virtual school using apps like Zoom. While platforms like Zoom can replicate some of the school setting for teachers to lecture and provide direct instruction, what it can’t do is provide a physical outlet for students.

One of the most difficult aspects of this transition to social distancing is the loss of extracurricular activities like clubs and sports. According to the school’s website, ILS offers 27 athletic teams that compete over 18 different sports. And more than 400 students participate and play on these teams, which is nearly half of the entire student body.

The ILS Athletic Department has seen some of these teams compete at the highest levels in recent years. The competitive Cheerleading team won the State Championship this season. The boys soccer team has also made deep runs in the state playoffs, including two State Runner-Up finishes. In recent years, the swimming team and the track and field program have both qualified student-athletes for the State finals.

With Coronavirus shifting the school to a virtual setting, team sports is not an option at this time. But that doesn’t mean competition has stopped!

In an email to the school community yesterday, ILS Athletic Director Nick Fernandez announced a school-wide “trick shot challenge.”

“I hope everyone is healthy and doing great during this time of social distancing,” Fernandez said via email. “We wanted to tap into your creativity and talent by starting a ‘trick shot challenge.'”

“I am challenging all of you to show us some cool trick shots you can do at your house. This can be shooting crazy shots on a basketball hoop, juggling tennis balls while dancing, ping pong ball shots, pool trick shots or even different things you can do around your house.”

Fernandez cautioned participants to keep it safe. “Please don’t do anything that can possibly cause harm to you or others.”

Students interested in participating the “trick shot challenge” can email submissions to Coach Fernandez or posted to Showbie. They can also be incorporated in “TikTok,” but the music must be school appropriate.

Submit your trick shot videos to Showbie with code: 8PFGR. LTV will assemble a montage of the different trick shot each Friday.

The mission statement of the ILS Athletic Department is:

Immaculata-La Salle High School athletic department will create and foster an environment that provides opportunities for student-athletes to enrich their high school experience through participation on athletic teams.  We are dedicated to providing opportunities, which will enhance the intellectual, physical, social, moral and spiritual development of the whole person, while conducting all activities with honesty and integrity in accordance with the principles of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct which embody the Salesian System of education preparing our Student-Athletes for lifelong commitments to their Faith, education, leadership and service.

And it’s clear this “trick shot challenge” is just another example of the amazing opportunities afforded ILS students by its talented staff.

Here are some links from Coach Fernandez: