What’s the Robotics Club?


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

At Immaculata La Salle high school, there is a lot of different clubs for students to join including robotics which is taught by Mr. Ilizarbe. Each club is designed to fit the interests and passions of ILS students.

The main goal in robotics club is to build a robot to prepare for competition, learn to work as a team, and to learn the process of learning engineering design process.

“The main goal is to build a robot to prep for competition there are other goals beyond that which is which to learn the process of learning engineering design process and learn to work as a team. But I would say actually are even more important than building the robot. But those are the main objectives,” said Mr. Ilizarbe.

In robotics club students learn how to work together, how to communicate effectively, and get a taste of what programming is like.

“They learn how to work together they learn how to communicate effectively and they get a taste of what programming depending on whether they decide to be on the programming team or not and they were learn how to put together a robot.”

Mr. Ilizabre thinks that when we’re at school it’s easier to get ideas since all students are together as a group and there are told there that students don’t have at home. Another difficulty from doing it a home is that all students are on a screen and when two people are talking at the same time you can’t hear neither.

“Well when we are at school it’s easier to get ideas across sometimes we can just jump on the whiteboard and draw things out. Sometimes you can just describe different pieces and put them together for everybody to see what we think. At home we don’t have all the tools that we have available in the lab and even with the zoom there’s a slight difficulty having exchanges because usually the text of one of the people highlights what they’re saying by lowering the volume for everybody else involved in the conversation,” said Mr. Ilizarbe.

Due to Covid-19 robotics club hasn’t been able to have their first official meeting yet but they usually meet once a week or sometimes a couple times a week.

Mr. Ilizarbe has a message for those students who would like to join robotics club.

“I would say to come and try it out and try something different even if you’ve never thought about engineering before . go and try it out it’s a process for all learning and you get to meet new people of all sorts of interest but mostly they’re here because of the robot that they want to put together and I mean we have a little family here so it’s fun to get to know our little family.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the Robotics club, contact Mr. Ilizarbe via email.