Photography Club Invites You to Join


Bianca Sanz, Writer

Now that ILS will be going back on campus, many clubs are beginning to plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Photography Club is one of the club at ILS that many students have joined so if your interested in learning photo techniques, Photography Club is the club for you!

Photography club activities involve taking photos at school events and also setting up a photo booths during drama shows.

They invite guest speakers to talk about their job as a professional photographer in Miami and they have also gone on field trips to learn on site photography. They teach about lighting techniques and what makes an image impactful and tell a story.

Unfortunately the student leadership roles are left empty because last years board were all Seniors, but it is an opportunity for students this year to take over the role as President or Vice President of the Photography Club.

“When we get back on campus we want to choose our two student leaders who will guide the projects and events we do throughout the year, also provide an opportunity to have our photos create something meaningful we might share with others.” said Club Moderator Mrs.Capablanca.

The club is expected to meet once or twice a month unless it is for the planning of an event then they meet as often as needed.

There are also activities for the students staying virtual to participate in.

The students who will remain virtual will have more professionals in the community come tell the club about their experiences as well as provide possible opportunities for the students to tag along in an actual photo shoot.

Also planning on sharing how to set up a digital portfolio for our photography and how to choose our best images to showcase.

For all the student interested in joining The Photography Club please email Mrs.Capablanca at to join. You will receive a membership form once you email you are interested in the Photography Club.