Student Athletes return to their Sports


Bianca Sanz, Writer

The coronavirus pandemic altered life for people around the world, and Immaculata-La Salle high school was no exception. The ILS campus closed for good last year in March, and for ILS Athletics, that saw all of the spring sports end their seasons prematurely. There hasn’t been an ILS athletic event since, and although there have been some workouts here and there, with the move to hybrid, ILS Athletes finally got to get on campus consistently this week.

Since ILS hasn’t had a sporting event since early March, it’s led to plenty of student-athletes to greatly miss their sport. A recent LTV segment presented some of those opinions.

“I miss being able to practice and play games with my team.” said junior soccer player Elisa Ligero. “During quarantine, I went on runs to stay in shape and before the season starts I want to get better and play more.”

Many ILS athletes miss not only playing their sport but also their teammates. Many of them have set goals for themselves whether it is a personal goal of bettering their skills or an overall goal of beating a certain team.

“I’m a cheerleader and one thing I miss about my sport is definitely game day. Once my season begins I plan on working extra hard to hopefully win states again,” said junior Lauren Dominguez.

Many sports have reached out to their student-athletes to aid them on what they can do while at home as a number of athletes at ILS have had to practice individually at home or social distanced with masks.

Coaches have asked the athletes to try at-home-workouts to stay fit before they are able to practice again.

“I play soccer so I have been running around the neighborhood, doing CrossFit, working out with my friends, and going to the soccer field to practice and stay in shape,” said junior soccer player Enzo Pittigliani.

Fortunately, athletic events at ILS have been progressively returning to normal, as practices have been going on since August and with the girls volleyball team kicking off their season on Wednesday vs Monsignor Pace High School.