Drama Club Auditions Went Smoothly

Nothing stops our Drama-Club from putting on a show!


Victoria Sosadias, Writer

Last week, the ILS Drama club held virtual auditions for the play that is going to be taking place later this year. Although in past years auditions and shows have been live, this year the Drama club needed a virtual approach, and that went smoothly.

Audition videos were filmed and submitted directly to Mrs. Rodriguez, the Drama club moderator, and the actors awaited their callbacks, which occurred yesterday. For the Seniors, it will be their last play at ILS.

Seniors Sophia Rabelo and Pablo Amat are very eager to contribute to their last play as much as possible, and you bet that they’re gonna make it count.

“I’m very excited to experience my last play at ILS despite having to do it with a pandemic. I know that everyone will put in their best effort to put the show on and make the experience all the more gratifying,” said Rabelo.

Last year, the Drama club’s production of “Hello, Dolly!” was met with a great deal of fanfare. Some of the other shows the seniors have been a part of include: “Pride and Prejudice”, “Shrek the Musical” and “Phantom of the Opera.” Last year’s much anticipated production of “Clue” unfortunately did not make it to the stage considering the pandemic.

This year, the Drama club will be attempting to produce the work of Shakespeare, arguably the most well-known playwright of all-time.

“I’m very excited to do Shakespeare,” said Amat. “I think it’s going to be very dramatic and something very interesting. The audition was very strange. It was as if I had an infinite amount of chances to get it right. In person, you only have one shot.”

The Drama Club performances have always relied on live audiences for their shows. Although this year, it will occur over live-stream. That shouldn’t keep you from missing the show!