Homecoming: Royal Thursday


Class of 2020 Seniors Mikayla Sanchez-Torrelio and Sofia Concepcion enjoying the Green & Gold pep rally during Homecoming.

Mia Castellon, Writer

Homecoming Week is just around the corner with only a week away. As many ILS students know, Homecoming Week is made up of days with different activities such as dressing up, pep rallies, and much more. This year due to Covid-19, the typical schedule is slightly different.

One new day that was added is Royal Thursday. This will take place on November 5th. On this day students should wear green and gold colors.

The class themes this year are centered around music. The genres of music chosen by each class will be played on designated days throughout lunches.

On Royal Thursday, the junior class music genre, rock ‘n roll, will play and they will decorate the cafeteria in the style of their genre.

Since in-person pep rallies are being put on hold for the time being, there will be a virtual pep rally during LTV. These segments will include ILS’s favorite pep rally games, such as chubby bunny. Students will be asked in advance whether they would like to participate in the segment.

There will also be a segment sharing with students the number of spirit points they have accumulated throughout the day. Each year, one class at ILS gains the most spirit points and is announced the winner. However, due to social distancing, virtual and hybrid students are encouraged to participate in the dress down for more points.

Homecoming Week begins next Monday on November 2nd. The days included Media Day, Color Wars, Theme Wednesday, Royal Thursday, and Color Wars Part 2.