New Netflix Series ‘Grand Army’


Marjorie Amaral, Editor

“Grand Army” was released on Netflix October 16th and it has impressed watchers. The show deals with serious themes like homosexuality, racism, immigration, sexual assault, trauma and more.

The show starts off with the main character Joey and her friend in the locker room where Joey is trying to help her friend. Moments after, a terrorist attack happens right next to the school making the students go on lockdown.

While on lockdown two African American students, Jayson and Owen, get Dominique’s wallet that had $200 in it and play catch with it until they drop it from the upper floors of the school by mistake.

Dominique goes after her wallet but when she gets downstairs it’s too late, her money is gone. This event causes Jayson to get suspended and Owen to get expelled.

Senior Paola Riera says this was her favorite event of the movie because it portraits the racism that is still around today.

“My favorite scene is when Owen gets expelled because it shows that African Americans get worse punishments than whites do and it really portrays how the world still is today,” said Riera.

Senior Alessandra Fernandez enjoyed this new show because it is emotional and raw. Especially for a show in a high school setting she feels it really represents what it is like to be in high school in America.

“It was honestly just an incredible watch it felt real and I didn’t feel like I was watching characters, but real people trying to make it through what life was throwing at them. Especially in the part that the school goes on lockdown,” said Fernandez.

In my opinion what made this show amazing was the personal issues and complex family background of each and every character.

They also had a very realistic attitude, behavior, language, and mentality of someone in high school which just made the show more interesting.

If you like TV shows like HBO’s “Euphoria” you will definitely enjoy “Grand Army.”